Scleral Lenses

Modern scleral lenses are an exciting new type of contact lens that are 100% customized to the individual eye and therefore provide superior vision, comfort and wearing time as compared to other modalities. They rest only on the white of the eye and do not touch the sensitive cornea. Scleral lenses provide superior optics to the sponge-like texture of soft hydrogel lenses. They are manufactured and fitted with such precision that they float on a bed of soothing tears approximately two-tenths of a millimeter above the corneal surface.

  • Exceptional comfort that is consistent from morning until night.
  • Clear vision that does not fluctuate, with no risk of the lens popping out during sports.
  • A healthy environment for your eyes.
  • Correction for all types of focusing errors including myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, presbyopia, and irregular corneas.

Dry, uncomfortable lenses are the most common reason patients discontinue contact lens wear. Now with scleral lenses, those problems can be a thing of the past. If you are an existing patient, feel free to call the office and ask Dr. Bainbridge to review your clinical history and tell you if scleral lenses would be right for you. In many cases these lenses are quite literally life-changing. If you are not a current patient, please call us to make an appointment and find out if this incredible technology would benefit your particular case.